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Car Connectivity Benchmark

03/2020 -Which car models are ahead in terms of infotainment, navigation, connectivity and user experience?

What we are accustomed to from our smartphones, now also shapes our expectations towards the functionality and user friendliness of other devices and systems which we utilize in our everyday routines. This also applies to cars. So, it is hard to accept why we should lower our standards when it comes to controlling navigation, infotainment and connected car services in comparison to the operation of a tablet or smart phone.

Together with our partner connect we assess the connectivity and user experience of modern vehicles like Audi A6, Porsche Cayenne, Jaguar I-Pace and many more. Please download the report where you will read what we so far accumulated in terms of test results. Thus you can find out, which car models are ahead in different disciplines.

Please find the full connect article below:

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