Broadbandbenchmark Switzerland

Digitalisation is proceeding apace. But how well is internet access in the home really performing in Switzerland?

05.10.2021 – Together with PC Magazin, we have carried out our second broadband benchmark study in Switzerland. Internet performance of home networks has never been as important as it is in today’s world. Our goal is to realistically reflect user experience, and this means that tariff-related speed restrictions experienced by the user play an important role, as do the Wi-Fi routers provided by the network operators.

The results in Switzerland speak volumes. All three network operators gave impressive performances, achieving the mark “very good“ and excellent scores. The overall winner is Sunrise UPC with a score of 963 out of 1000. With its outstanding results in the active speed measurement tests, it came out as the overall winners. Second place went to Swisscom with a score of 952 out of 1000. In the active download speed tests, 90 percent of the connections tested achieved or exceeded a convincing 10.5 Mbit/s. Salt achieved the second highest data rate in the download test and secured third place in our broadband benchmark study.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO of Telecommunications at umlaut: “Congratulations to the winner Sunrise Communications AG with an overall score of 'very good' in our broadband benchmark. Sunrise scored particularly well in the new category of active speed measurements.
Swisscom and Salt Mobile also achieve the grade 'very good' with their connections. This shows how well the fixed network infrastructure in #Switzerland has advanced.
With our broadband benchmark, we create a fair and transparent comparison of all network operators and support the consumer in choosing a suitable provider."

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