Broadband connections in an endurance test

COVID-19 speeds up digital change. Are our connections suitable for working from home?

2020/09/01 – High-speed Internet at home is very important for many people, because without it, working from home, binge-watching of favorite TV shows or even multi-player online games would be impossible. So, it's all the more pleasing that broadband Internet has made significant progress since last year. HD video chat, the basic requirement for the working from home, is available on over 95% of connections in Germany. This represents an important milestone but there are still gaps.

Together with PC Magazin and PCgo, we have analyzed in detail how good broadband Internet really is in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our test focuses primarily on the performance achieved in the home network. It is not important which tariff and which end devices were used. We tested 520 thousand Internet connections and took a very close look at the three central measurement parameters: Download data rates, data speed during upload and the runtime of the transmitted test data packets (latency). It is also important to distinguish between urban and rural regions. In addition to the national overall winner, we have therefore listed the three best providers in the various regions.

"In times of COVID-19, the digital infrastructure worldwide is facing challenges. In-home connectivity is important. With this background, the results of our tests are encouraging. The high in-home connectivity demand in 2020 confirms our test approach: A solid nationwide performance is more important than peak data rates in cities." says Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut.

Please find the full report below for download or find more information in the benchmarking sections of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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