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Bouygues Telecom provides best “in home” user experience in France

2021/03/02 - Bouygues leads overall, Orange ranks second, SFR third and Free SAS fourth.

Aachen, March 02, 2021 – umlaut, the global consultancy company and world leader in network testing and benchmarking, has analysed the fixed broadband networks of France with regards to network performance. The umlaut Fixed Broadband Benchmark France 2021 evaluates the four fixed networks of Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR and Free SAS. Applying the umlaut methodology, which is acknowledged as the de-facto industry standard, umlaut conducted an analysis which is focused on in-home user experience. The results show Bouygues Telecom as the overall winner and “Best in Test” operator of the country. Orange follows on second rank, SFR ranks third and Free SAS fourth.

With a score of 780 out of a maximum of 1,000 points, Bouygues Telecom is “Best in Test” achieving the strongest score overall. Orange follows second with a score of 770 points while achieving the best score in Latency. SFR follows with a score of 732 points and shows the best results in Downlink Speed. Free SAS ranks fourth with an overall score of 703 points.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO of umlaut Telecommunication, says: “Congratulations to Bouygues Telecom being the ’Best in Test’. This is remarkable in these challenging COVID-19 times when everyone must be connected. Our network tests are the de-facto industry standard. Our top priority is to fairly and transparently assess the global digital infrastructures and to push their quality and performance with our benchmarks. We will continue to measure the network performance in France - thus pushing the network performance which is beneficial to all users.”

Applying the umlaut methodology, a thorough crowd-based analysis was conducted over a period of 25 weeks - from August 2020 to January 2021 in France. The analysis was based on 32.7 million samples collected from 128,500 lines. The crowdsourcing test area covers 77 urban areas of France.

The umlaut methodology allows a technical analysis that is unprecedented in its level of detail and enables comparisons between the performance and capability of each network. umlaut’s public benchmarks as well as its certificate benchmarks help network operators and providers to demonstrate how well they are delivering connections to consumers, business users and enterprises while revealing the areas of improvement.

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