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Chief People Officer Lars Karsten on new career opportunities at Accenture.

umlaut has been part of Accenture since October 2021. How did that come about?

We believed that combining our strengths with Accenture's would be beneficial for both companies. We saw it as a "marriage" as we felt that our skills would complement each other's perfectly. Our hands-on engineering expertise with Accenture's digital and consulting expertise enables us to deliver a more comprehensive service to our clients. It was important to us at umlaut to connect with a strong partner to remain competitive in the modern, digitalized world. With Accenture's extensive capabilities, we were able to bridge this gap and, in turn, bring our expertise in core areas such as aircraft development and automotive entertainment systems. As a result, both companies have been able to expand their capabilities and offerings to customers.

What's next?

While we might not be out there on our own as umlaut anymore, the spirit of our company will remain because our values and culture fit well with those of Accenture. Accenture's promise to "Deliver on the promise of human ingenuity" reflects our ambitions: to use technology for the benefit of people and to continuously innovate.

In your view what makes a career at Accenture exciting for engineers, now the two companies have joined forces?

The cultural integration is a fantastic journey.

For those at umlaut, this merger is an opportunity to be part of a larger, global network, which opens doors to a myriad of new projects and innovations. Our existing employees now have access to Accenture’s expansive resources, knowledge base, and the chance to collaborate on a global scale. For example they are working on projects developing sustainable alternatives for aircraft cabin elements, using gaming software to design and engineer with hyper-automation, helping companies transition to new energy sources and designing and testing the car software of the future.

And for those considering joining us, this is a time of tremendous growth. Engineers applying to Accenture can expect an enriching experience that stems from the merger – they are stepping into a place where umlaut's legacy of engineering excellence meets Accenture’s global reach and industry expertise. We are now a power-packed team, and new recruits will find a landscape full of possibilities, whether it’s in engineering, consulting, or digitalization. There are opportunities to work for some of the biggest and most innovative players in the aerospace and automotive sectors - and at Accenture you're not limited to just one client or one type of work, the opportunities to work on varied projects and find the areas you're really passionate about are right in front of you.

What will become of your role when the transition is complete?

At the moment, I am still intensively involved in the integration of umlaut into Accenture. In the future, I plan to take on a sales role in Industry X to combine engineering and IT and to bring an innovative value proposition to the market, especially for sustainability.

Now, for a personal closing question: you could retire comfortably. What keeps you at Accenture?

I keep working because I enjoy my team and I feel like I can make a difference here. Instead of retiring, I see the possibilities at Accenture to make a bigger impact. With more than 700,000 colleagues and 7,000 customers worldwide – including the world's largest corporations – I can work on sustainable projects and help to develop solutions that improve people's lives. The chance to make a positive difference for the planet is what keeps me here.

Thank you for the interview!