city at night with traffic flow

White paper

7 steps to a smart city

Guideline for developing a smart city

The city of the future is smart and intelligent, a place where people like to live and work.

Indeed: the first steps already are being made and today even smaller cities have to make plans for their transformation and digitalization. The progress of technology and society has to go hand in hand with urban development.

People will ask for a responsive city, companies for a productive location. Will it grow in a resource-saving and innovative way? Will it be ready to provide future mobility services, security, health, energy supply, housing and economic support? And which measures have to be taken now?

umlaut wants to provide an impulse for planning and implementation of Smart City initiatives and developed a white paper with 7 theses. It is addressed to all decision-makers in the municipal administrations and their partners - from start-ups to to the technology company.

These theses are to be used as a compass on the right way to the Smart City. They enable the individual evaluation of the needs of a city and the corresponding actions. For the successful mastering of the digital transformation with regard to the desired predicate: smart.

White paper contains