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LEÖN Lean Eradication of Non-Conförmities

Meet our new powerful tool that turns complexity into value. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), LEON identifies frictions and optimises the manufacturing flow.

The current COVID-19 crisis is deeply impacting the global aerospace industry. A reduction in demand and supply interruptions challenges all players in the aerospace value chain. Reduced predictability in demand poses additional challenges for production planning. This also includes the planning of the re-ramp up when the demand is going up again. This uncertainty in planning also affects the process of non-conformity (NC) handling, which is time and cost intensive - especially in aircraft manufacturing.

With LEON umlaut developed an AI-based tool for a leaner, faster and more cost-effective way to manage, analyse and solve quality issues and non-conformities occurring during production processes. LEON answers your questions on complex processes based on your data. Further, LEON offers you solutions to solve quality issues and change your processes to the better. Our tool identifies frictions and root causes. By visualising your processes LEON facilitates decision making.

The result: By using smart algorithms and Machine Learning methods the tool reduces the number of non-conformities, the effort of handling them, improves quality and predicts frictions.

How LEON helps to improve your business and the quality of your manufacturing processes:

  • AI algorithms allow you to capture and utilise your experts’ knowledge systematically and hence can reduce the effort and lead time of handling non-conformities in manufacturing by more than 50%.

  • Furthermore, LEON creates insights to help your engineers’ design-for-manufacturing improve the overall quality of your product by avoiding non-conformities during production.

  • Due to real-time visualisations of running processes, the communication between departments and experts is more transparent and efficient. By that, issues can be detected more quickly and eliminated through root cause analysis.

  • As LEON can help to prevent NCs, it is possible to reduce the overall amount of quality issues. This allows to right-size the teams to tackle the adjusted amount of non-conformities at reduced cost.

  • With LEON we can create different insights, e.g. identify hot spots and knowledge gaps to support during a re-ramp-up phase.

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