Where can I learn the OSTO approach?

The System Model is taught by umlaut in two training modules:

  1. SYMA® experiential seminar:
    The participants experience all elements of the Model and thus gain greater and more systematic perception of the overall transformation of an organisation and their own role within it.

  2. Understanding and designing organisations:
    In this methodologically oriented training session, the Model is used as a structured diagnostic procedure for organisations. This also serves to provide a system for redesigning the company.

Both training modules are components of our Change Manager course, which awards graduates a TÜV Rheinland® Academy certificate after the completion of five modules:

  1. SYMA® A
  2. Understanding and designing organisations
  3. Change Success
  4. SYMA® B
  5. Presentation Case Study, presentation of a personally selected change process

The approach is also taught at RWTH Aachen, the University of Siegen and FH Brühl and is used in academic dissertations.