FAQs about Interference

You have been notified by umlaut that there is an interfering device most likely on your property. Please find answers to FAQs below and contact our engineers as soon as possible. You can also contact our office in Morristown, NJ if you have any further questions.

973-984-6050 or CUS-Interference-Team@umlaut.com

Who is umlaut?

umlaut communications Inc. is a contractor to each of the four biggest cell phone companies in the United States. We specialize in the location to interference and their resolution.
If you request, we will have the cell phone company contract you and confirm our authority and responsibility to conduct surveys on their behalf. All umlaut employees carry an official, company-issued, photo ID, which they will show you on request. Our automobiles are marked and we typically wear company shirts or jackets.

How did you identify my property?

Interference is like sound. It is louder when you are near the source. And with prober equipment, it can be located by direction. With several readings the location can be very specific. Those measurements led us to your property.

What are causes of interference?

Every day we discover something new, but common culprits include: Cable TV, TV Antennas, Commercial and Photographic Lighting, Cell Phone Boosters, Wireless Access Points (WiFi), Baby Monitors, Cell Phone Jammers, Wireless Microphones, etc.

Who is responsible for interference?

Most electronic devices, before they are sold in the United States, are tested for interference under Part 15 of the FCC regulations. Older or damaged devices can malfunction and cause interference.

Who pays?

You will never pay for umlaut services. We are paid by the cell phone carrier. The solution to the problem may be as simple as turning the device around, or unplugging it. If the device came with Part 15 certification, the manufacturer will likely repair it or replace it under warranty. In the case of metal-halide lamps, when they are relatively new, they are frequently replaced without charge by the manufacturer.

What's the advantage to me?

First, your cell phone service will improve.
Second, your neighbor’s cell phone service will improve.
Third, you may see a dramatic improvement of your wireless LAN. Fourth, you may see an improvement in your Cable TV quality.

Must I comply?

You are busy. Compliance may cost money. We understand that. Nevertheless, the law says you must comply. The easiest solution is to work with umlaut, fix the problem and move on.
If you refuse us access, or refuse to fix the interference problem we identify, our clients generally direct us to refer the case to the federal authorities for resolution. If you wish to work with cell carrier or the FCC directly, we will deliver to them your case information and you can take the matter up with them.