Public Sector

Today, organisations and societies are facing many challenges, like rapid technology development and digitalisation. In an even more pressing sense, this also applies to public administrations and other governmental institutions.

umlaut has more than 15 years of experience in supporting the public sector, end-to-end from strategy to organisational development to technology. We serve a range of authorities on international, national and local levels, regarding topics like first responder connectivity, cyber security, health care, infrastructure and defence. Our cross-utilization of methods and learnings from our work in major industries and technology domains in combination with our knowledge and experience of the public sectors’ specific and characteristics make us a valuable partner.

In this capacity, we are helping our public-sector-customers advance their digital transformation with connectivity consulting, data driven analytics and cyber security know-how. We additionally support the sector with our own data we collect worldwide to analyse the quality und usage of telecommunication networks.

We optimise the way authorities procure and use technology and contribute our vast expertise to support public organisations on complex technical projects, end-to-end, covering the whole life cycle.

umlaut is agile in managing complexity and makes sure projects are delivered in time and quality.

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Ralf Zartenar

Managing Director


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