Automotive & Mobility

We are witnessing the most fundamental shake up of the automotive and mobility sector ever. While manufacturers and the supply chain are investing heavily in connectivity, electric mobility and autonomous driving, more and more functions are being connected both inside vehicles and beyond their physical borders, allowing them to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure. At the same time mobility has evolved from car ownership to other models such as vehicle sharing, ride sharing, usage by the hour and other means of transport.

As the need for new skills lowers the threshold for others to enter the market, traditional players are under threat. Maintaining their position will demand more technological, process and business model disruptions of the established parties.

With more than 20 years of industry expertise and a deep understanding of automotive R&D, sales and after sales, we don’t just help our OEM customers and their supply chain to maintain a profitable core business and optimize processes. We make their organisations future-proof.

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