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EASA Design Organisation 21J

Do you need to reconfigure and update your aircraft? Welcome on board!

Since umlaut is an EASA approved Design Organisation (EASA.21J.469) we are happy to offer you end-to-end solutions for small and large aircraft upgrades and modifications (commercial, business and VIP cabins).

Taking the advantage of our deep knowledge and huge experience in aviation industry we ensure a high quality standard in all related activities for airworthy design.

Our DO main focus is on two core competencies:

Cabin connectivity

  • Integration of connectivity solutions, including installation of external antennas (e.g. fuselage/tail-mounted S-Band, ARINC 791 Ku/Ka-Band antennas, UHF/VHF blade antennas) and related internal units (modems, amplifiers, routers), including interface to the IFE system.
  • Detailed expertise in the integration, activation and optimization of cabin wireless distribution systems (Cabin WiFi).

Cabin layout changes & upgrades

  • LOPA changes (e.g. seat exchange or repitch, 2/3-class to full economy, VIP area),
  • IFE upgrades (new monitors, SD to HD upgrades, media servers),
  • Special mission cabin (MedEvac, pax-to-cargo)
  • Seat modifications (dress cover changes, USB power)
  • Flooring/carpet, curtains, placards (end-of-lease, new operator)

Our EASA approved wide technical fields are




Please see below the list with some examples of Supplemental Type Certificates developed and certificated by us for new installations or upgrade of existing ones, primarily approved by EASA and some already validated by FAA:

  • 10048519 – Global Express: Honeywell Satcom SBB upgrade and WiFi network activation.
  • 10070921 – A320 family: Installation of Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device LF-ULD
    ARINC 677 type Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device (LF-ULD), manufactured by Novega (model SID88).
  • 10047400 – B737-800: Installation of interior attachment components.
  • 10048398 – BD100-1A10 CHALLENGER 300: Aircell swift broadband satcom installation and WiFi network activation.
  • 10049505 – A330-200: A330-223 cabin layout conversion (seat replacement, floor covering, PSU layout, bar removal, re-Iocation of starlight, installation of overhead bins, stowages and linings).
  • 10055777 – CL-600-2B16: Aircell SBB satcom and WiFi cabin network system installation.
  • 10064109 – 767-300: First class reconfiguration.
  • 10066565 – A330: Rockwell collins tailwind TW560 TV system removal.
  • 10071113 – A320 family: Wireless cabin distribution activation.

  • 10077551 – BOEING 757-200: Honeywell JetWave KA-Band System Installation and Cabin WiFi Network Activation

  • 10080749Embraer Phenom 300 series aircraft – a unique MedEvac solution (linefit/retrofit). Embraer & umlaut have developed a new STC utilizing Aerolite equipment for a cabin modification with two stretchers and intensive care units (ICUs) electrical power supply provisions and integrated medical oxygen systems in each ICU. FAA and ANAC validated STCs are already available.

Umlaut is also first approval holder according to ETSO-2C515 A1 for the halon-free hand-held fire extinguisher HAFEX. The integration/exchange is already available for the most common Large Transport Category airplanes as EASA approved AML-STC 10079251 (already FAA and CAAC validated).

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