Systems Engineering

Technology is changing so quickly, automotive OEM’s, aircraft manufacturers and telecom developers are all trying to integrate the latest technology in all of their products as quickly as possible to compete with new technology and global market entrants. Companies are working to develop products faster so they can deliver capabilities to their clients and continue to upgrade the user experience over time. Consequently, the old processes of systems engineering and its classic V-cycle are evolving.

As global industry experts with the cross-sector expertise to handle converging industries, umlaut is on the forefront of this transformation with our model based systems engineering concepts and capabilities. We design the foundations of systems with focus on the end user experience. To ensure safety and quality, we assemble systems engineering teams with certified functional safety and quality analysis experts.

Not only do we understand the customer and create products with the right balance between user experience and quality, our understanding of real end-to-end delivery also means complementing our systems engineering offering with strategy consultants that provide systems engineers inputs on where the market is going, project managers that structure and plan and test teams that ensure quality.

umlaut brings new capabilities to products faster than ever before and gives client access to a depth of and breadth of capabilities like no other can.

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