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It’s a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world out there. Digitalisation and new technologies are challenging traditional businesses and creating new ones. So, gaining relevant insights, understanding the fine differences and quiet nuances and getting the timing for disruption right, while strategically continuing to grow existing products and services, is tricky.

With established business models under pressure from emerging new players, companies have to decide on their innovation and product roadmap and master the allocation of the right resources to the right topics at the right time. Simultaneously, they need to manage an increasing number of partnerships in new ecosystems.

Understanding the character of technology and innovation is key to a solid, future-able business strategy. Yet for technology to become a game changer it needs to go hand in hand with the right organisational setup and a profound understanding of people and processes.

With a long-lasting experience on the ground, consulting and accompanying mergers and acquisitions, efficiency upgrades and operational excellence initiatives, our approach is holistic.

Our bottom-up approach guarantees deep, relevant insights on disruptive trends and realistic time scales generated from our technology services. But it also entails moving forward as a team, providing advice that is doable and an entrepreneurial mind-set that allows us to understand and guide major industry players to deliverable innovation concepts and healthy business cases.

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