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When we ask ourselves how we can make the end-to-end process more efficient for our customers, we look at the big picture. And the small details too. Even when product or series maturity has been reached, we never stop looking for cost and time saving potentials and ways of giving our customers added benefits. As a bottom-up thinking and all-hands-on-deck company, we have a few extra tricks up our sleeve.

By developing and building our own test units, for example, we deviate from standard procedure and avoid having to get in line at the usual test plants and laboratories. Our approach not only substantially reduces our customers lead-time, but often results in marketable testing hardware and products with long-term value to their businesses. In doing things ourselves, we can also offer greater transparency and traceability.

With our cross-industry insights and looking from a position so close to the process and the product itself, we are able to foresee technological developments and prepare well in advance before new regulations and industrial standards make modifications and upgrades of products necessary and factor these in to its further development before they become an issue.

We are renowned for our prototyping and product capabilities and the development and realization of prototypes, testing tools, wire harnesses, and test vehicles used in the research and development of new innovations around the automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. In doing so, we ensure that our customers’ new technologies reach the market.

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