People, Organisation and Change

People, Organizations & Change

We enable change.

Companies worldwide are confronted with drastic changes in the markets. In ever faster cycles, organizations have to deal with the introduction and implementation of digitalization, agile working methods and technological development leaps. In addition, they have to consider the acquisition of talent and the avoidance of brain drain, as well as managing collaboration between different generations. This raises the question: How do we want to work together in the future? What cultural characteristics reflect our organization?

People and organizations naturally resist change. Our secret is: we don’t work on the organization. We work with it.

We understand that change is a wholesome affair. So, our approach is systemic and develops the organization as a whole.

Change can only really be sustainable if it is implemented bottom-up, involves employees, and is processed, understood, accepted, internalized and spread through active participation in its design and implementation. We transfer all the necessary know-how and tools necessary to the clients’ organization. By the time we complete a job, it will be more agile, self-managing and future-proof and capable of helping itself by itself should the need ever arise again.

We don’t change a company. We enable it to change itself. For the better.

visual experionate solo

Experionate is a made-up word and stands for "experience" and "innovate". Under this term we have set up the Experionate videocast with several channels. On top, we also discuss these topics in the podcast of the same name.

Our business broadcast

We invite you to a conversation - what drives executives, employees and consultants on the way to innovative operating systems? Michael and his colleagues exchange ideas with partners & experts about key facets of new types of organisational models and share their experiences from current projects. Turn on, watch and join the discussion: In our Experionate podcasts, we discuss agility, e-work and social trends (in German). And there is also something to watch in our videocast on YouTube!

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