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There’s a lot of gossip about the potential of data analytics, machine learning and deep learning out there. And while the talk - and lots of PowerPoint - makes these topics seem hot, common approaches towards data interpretation are actually still lukewarm.

Rather than hop on the data analytics bandwagon, umlaut stands for real end-to-end advanced analytics and a depth of insight into relationships within the data that legacy methods can’t provide.

Globally, our crowdsourcing collects more than 5 billion data points from our own software applications every day. We help our clients detect relationships inside the data with algorithms that produce the business intelligence necessary to optimize such things as urban mobility and smart city concepts, improve connectivity and user experiences and in effect add new value.

Methodically we deviate from the standard in many ways. We won’t recommend solutions until we have run a trial and delivered a proof of concept. We can also offer more insight through an agnostic use of our clients’ tools and systems interoperating with our own.

All in all, we combine industry and product specific expertise with our software and data analytics competencies. Our interdisciplinary approach promises fast, efficient service, concentrated information, specific technical advice and a substantial cost and time savings.

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