Urban Mobility

Cities are growing at incredible speed. With an increase in population comes a growing need for mobility from more and more transport users and vehicle owners. But traffic areas are limited and consequently not only are levels of congestions constantly on the rise, but also levels of pollution, increasing the threat to our health and our already heavily endangered environment.

Urban mobility is not a trend, it’s one big pressing issue. We need to make cities smarter to break the gridlock and universally induce a change of mobility behaviour. And create new, cleaner and more efficient means of transport. Concepts like vehicle sharing, rental car sharing, ride sharing and approaches like helicopters and air taxis in urban environments and a digitalisation of public transport can only be the beginning. It immediately becomes clear that the issue is not solely an industrial one, but societal and therefore needs a more global view and collaborative approach.

As a global cross-industry company we are already working with all major players in the increasingly converging automotive, aviation, telecommunication and public sectors, advancing their technologies and organisations. In integrating all major players and giving them the digital tools and intelligence they need to transform their products into services portals, we can change the mind set towards, and the means of human mobility, together.


Markus Jordans

Managing Director


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