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Internet of Things

Consider a world in which each device, each machine, each step of a process has its digital twin somewhere. This transformation is happening right now. Connectivity is exceeding the realm of the internet and including more and more everyday objects and devices by the day.

But digitalisation is more than just digitising sensors and machines. And pushing data to the cloud alone will not digitally transform your business.

Customers need to bridge the gap between the technologies available - with all their real-world limitations - and the relevant business constraints they want to resolve. With the number of options – and the buzz - constantly growing, the question is not what can, but what should be done.

Our IoT capabilities range from sensor integration to data processing and from backend to frontends, our fields of action include logistics, smart cities, the automotive and aviation industries, amongst others. We additionally run our own IoT lab as an extra playground for ideation and experimentation.

We enable meaningful end-to-end IoT solutions. Our interdisciplinary teams guide their clients through effectively all the way from concept to implementation to operations.

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