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Data can be a goldmine. But too much of today’s hype about the “power of the crowd” is centred around obtaining data. That’s no big deal really. We run measurements 24/7. 365 days a year. Worldwide. Generating 5 billion data points a day.

For an alchemistic transition however, from basic material into something more valuable, a lot more than mere access to data is required.

Processing data such that it makes sense is the first step in the right direction. The supreme discipline, however, that separates leaders from adopters, is the recommendation and implementation of engineer-able solutions to telecommunication network operators and other industries, who are becoming more and more reliant on business intelligence to improve their business models and services.

In that sense, we are the first end-to-end, data driven organisation in the world. Metaphorically speaking, we don’t just harvest the crops, but sort, select and take the best of produce to the market. We mine, interpret and connect the dots in a real end-to-end manner giving our clients a substantial competitive advantage.

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Kenan Masic

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