What is the benefit of the OSTO System Model?

The System Model helps to keep complex organisations alive. 5 examples of the practical benefits of the OSTO System Model:

  1. The OSTO System Model makes "organisational alignment" tangible - from operational tasks to effective collaboration of teams and business units. For this purpose, the Reason for Existing and the three core processes of the model are the essential mind-set.
  2. The OSTO System Model allows to uncover prevailing patterns, unconscious strategies, and goals of an organisation. Its eight design elements form the core of a structured procedure for diagnosing an overall organisation based on its outputs and observable behaviours.
  3. The diagnosis according to the OSTO System Model is also ideal for analysing the ACTUAL culture of an organisation.
  4. The OSTO System Model offers levers for redesign, i.e., the transformation of an organisation for new and future requirements.
  5. Organisations can use the OSTO System Model to identify their own strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential.

Compared to other systemic organisational models, the following features of the OSTO System Model are particularly helpful in keeping organisations alive:

  • Reason for Existing: the market is the boss. A mercilessly customer-centric model, where the Reason for Existing lies in the environment outside the organisation.
  • Behaviour: The truth applies, not the intention. The observable behaviour in an organisation is directly related to the effective results (outputs).
  • Feedback: Understanding the environment. Four feedback loops for quality, renewal, responsibility, and cognition increase perceptiveness.
  • Social Core Process: Functional familiarity accounts for real high-performance organisation.

The OSTO-based training SYMA® is also unique: this timeless organisational laboratory created by Prof. Hejo Rieckmann has been continuously developed since the early 1990s. It shapes many careers and contributes to the dissemination of the OSTO System Model.

Once you have understood the OSTO System Model, you can see more clearly in complex organisations and keep a better overview of the essentials in change processes.