2021/07 5G Audit Report

T-Mobile has the most reliable 5G network.

We have analyzed the mobile networks in the US with regards to 5G network performance. The audit was done between 25/01/2021 to 11/07/2021, and we collected and evaluated more than 43.3 million samples of 70.655 5G capable users.

Key Findings:

  • T-Mobile has the highest 5G Score nationwide.

  • T-Mobile achieved the highest score in the Speed category.

  • T-Mobile has the most reliable 5G mobile network.

  • T-Mobile has the most 5G coverage nationwide.

2021/07 Mobile Data Performance in 10 Markets - Audit Report

T-Mobile has the fastest 5G Mobile Network.

We have analyzed the mobile networks in the US with regards to 5G mobile network performance.
We took a closer look at ten US markets (Newark – Jersey City; Charlotte, NC; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Chicago; Dallas – Fort Worth; Philadelphia; Washington D.C.; Minneapolis; New York City), to see how the operators are performing in these lively centers of business, politics and culture. We tested and measured the downlink and uplink performance of data services reflecting user experience using a 5G capable smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra) in Mobile Experience Tests.

Key Findings:

  • T-Mobile clearly shows faster overall download speeds, on average at least 2.2 times higher than the competition.

  • T-Mobile shows very high 5G availabilities above 88% in all measured cities, leading in Jersey City, Charlotte, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Dallas – Fort Worth and Minneapolis. In 7 markets the 5G availability exceeds 95%.

  • T-Mobile‘s 5G ‘Ultra Capacity’ download speed exceeds 257 Mbps in average, and goes up to 318 Mbps per market.

  • T-Mobile shows clearly faster average 5G download and upload speeds in all measured cities than the other operators.