2020/11 5G Mobile NetworkPerformance - Audit Report

We have analyzed the mobile networks in the US with regards to 5G mobile network performance. Focus of our network audit are the categories Time on 5G, Speed and Latency. For the extensive 5G analysis the complete user experiences of 5G capable users are considered. That also includes their usage of e.g. 4G/LTE. We considered crowdsourced data samples collected in 24 weeks from W19 to W42 2020.

Key takeaways

  • T-Mobile achieved the highest overall score with a Total Score of 818 dots out of 1000.

  • The T-Mobile network provides the best rated 5G customer experience.

2020/10 Fixed broadband analysis

Most US households are able to support video conferencing which is important for working from home, but there is still room for improvement. Only one in ten connections are facing limitations when consumers are using them to work from home. Often, the problems that occur are due to shared connections, the terminal device itself or when video platforms are used in addition to other applications. In general, the urban areas of the US show better results than the rural areas. The lower the requirements the better the results and especially when the requirements rise to a higher download speed, the differences between urban and rural areas becomes more evident.

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