United Kingdom

2023/02 Fixed Broadband Certificate

We tested and measured fixed connectivity in the United Kingdom. For the comprehensive analysis, 597.027 thousand connections contributed 112 million samples over 6 months (W36 2022 to W07 2023).

Winner: 02/2023 Virgin Media UK

  • Best in test

  • Best rated user download speed

  • Best rated user upload speed

Mobile network test 2022 UK

We have analysed the mobile networks in the UK. All operators have worked hard to expand their 5G coverage and to strengthen their 4G offerings. So we wanted to find out, which of the contenders offers the best performance and the highest reliability of mobile voice and data services.


UK2022 bar charts Total Score 4to3

Winner 2022: EE

  • Best in test

  • Best in data

  • Best in voice

  • Best in crowdsourced quality