United Kingdom

5G Audit Report, June 2020.

We have analyzed the mobile networks of London with regards to 5G mobile network performance. We took a closer look at the UK‘s capital to see how the operators cover this lively centre of business, politics and culture.

Key takeaways

  • Vodafone shows better data performance in London than the competition when using a 5G capable device leading in all measured data services. When only 5G samples are considered Vodafone’s lead increases.

  • Vodafone leads in 2.5MB file upload speeds over 5G which supports users with today’s social media trends and photo uploads.

  • Reliability of Vodafone’s 5G data services is better than the competition and at an excellent level (above 99.6%).

  • Vodafone leads in 5MB file download speeds over 5G which supports users with music/song downloads.

  • Vodafone shows the fastest times when downloading popular live web-pages and when starting the tested YouTube videos.

The 2020 UK broadband analysis

Are Internet speeds in UK households sufficient to connect them via video conferencing with colleagues and customers worldwide?

Covid-19 has contributed to the fact that more and more people are working from home. It can be assumed that work from home will increasingly find its place in the world of work. We have investigated this question and examined more than 300,000 broadband lines in the UK between March and May 2020 using our proven crowdsourcing approach.

Benchmarking UK 2020 maps