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2021/12 Audit Report

umlaut tested and measured the performance of its voice and data services on smartphones in comparison to other LTE/UMTS/GSM mobile radio networks in metropolitan and rural areas of Turkey. The audit was done as a performance benchmark performed by umlaut between 09.11.2021 and 04.12.2021 in cities and towns as well as on connection roads.

Key takeaways

  • Vodafone achieves 862 points of 1000 overall, while the other operators achieves 863 points and 815 points in total. Therefore, Vodafone has the co-best overall score within the scope of the measured route.

  • Vodafone shows the highest crowd score with 230 out of 250 points.

  • Vodafone shows very good reliability overall with a score achievement of 91%.

  • In the crowdsourcing category, Vodafone is leading in broadband coverage and with the best latency performance for both classes, OTT voice and gaming.