2021/12 Mobile Certificate

umlaut tested and measured the performance of its voice and data services on smartphones in comparison to other LTE/UMTS/GSM mobile radio networks in metropolitan and rural areas of Sweden. The audit was done as a performance benchmark performed by umlaut between 08.11.2021 and 09.12.2021 in cities and towns as well as on connection roads.

Winner 12/2021: Telia Sweden

  • Best in test

  • Best in data

  • Best in voice

  • Best in crowdsourced quality

2021/06 Audit Report - Stockholm

We tested and measured the performance of data services using the latest 5G capable smartphones, benchmarking the typical user experience networks. The testing was conducted in Stockholm, using a moving vehicle as drivetest only between 01.06.2021 and 05.06.2021.