Saudi Arabia

2021/06 5G Audit Report - Riyadh

We tested and measured the performance of Data services using the latest 5G capable smartphones, benchmarking the typical user experience on the Saudi Arabia networks. The testing was conducted in Riyadh city, using a moving vehicle as drivetest only from 24 Feb to 11 March 2021.

Key Takeaways

  • Zain shows better data performance in Riyadh than the competition with 894 out of 1000 points. When only 5G sample are considered Zain’s leads with 899 points.

  • Reliability of Zain’s 5G data services shows an excellent performance with success rates of at least 98.8%.

  • Zain shows the strongest pure 5G Coverage in Riyadh city, with at least 27% more than the competition.

  • Zain has the highest 5G peak data rates in Riyadh.

  • Zain has the shortest 5G session time for 5MB File Download, which supports users with music/ song downloads.

  • Zain has the shortest 5G session times for 2.5MB File Upload, which supports users with today’s social media trends and photo uploads

  • Zain has shortest YouTube video start time and excellent resolution.