Mozambique Verlauf 4zu3


2022/04 Audit Report

We have analysed the mobile networks in Mozambique with regards to mobile network performance. We measured smartphone voice and data performance based on extensive drivetests. Test area, methodology, drive routes and times have been independently selected by umlaut.

Key takeaways

  • Vodacom achieves the highest umlaut Score in Mozambique with 689 points out of 1000.

  • Vodacom shows highest Score for the Voice with 154 Points out of 300, and Data with 337 out of 450.

  • Movitel achieved the second best score for voice and data services with a total 482 points out of 1000.

  • Vodacom achieves the highest Average and P90 DL and UL throughputs in all geographical categories.

  • Tmcel has the best P10 speech quality in cities.

  • Vodacom shows the best voice reliability and MRAB connectivity in all geographical categories.