Luxembourg Gradient


2023/02 Mobile Certificate

We have tested and measured the crowdsourced data in Luxembourg. For the extensive analysis, 3.3 thousand users have contributed 9.6 million samples in 6 months (W36 2022 to W07 2023). In our nationwide assessment, 99.6% of the urban „build-up area“ and 99.9% of the "Population area“ were tested.

Winner 02/2023: POST Luxembourg

  • Best in test

  • Best rated broadband coverage

  • Best rated latency

The 2022 Mobile Network Test in Luxembourg.

For the first time in Luxembourg, umlaut and connect have used umlaut‘s sophisticated crowdsourcing approach to offer a comprehensive look at the user experience of mobile customers in this country. The results reflect a high level of performance – with one operator even achieving the grade “outstanding” and the two others receiving the grade “very good”.


Luxembourg2022 Graphic Crowd Overall Results v2 4to3

Winner 2022: Post Luxembourg

  • Best in broadband coverage

  • Best in download speed

  • Best in latency