Kazakhstan Gradient 4to3


2022/08 Audit Report

We have tested the quality of the Mobile Networks in Kazakhstan and took a detailed look into the performance of each operator in a nationwide assessment. For the inhabitants of Kazakhstan it is particularly interesting to see how the operators perform in metropolitan areas. Therefore, we have performed also an individual analysis for 16 cities in Kazakhstan. In our assessment, more than 74,190 square kilometres of Kazakhstan were tested. For the extensive crowdsourcing analysis more than 78 million samples have been collected.

Key takeaways

  • Tele2 achieves the highest umlaut score in the nationwide assessment with 878 of 1000 points and is leading as well in 13 of 16 measured cities.

  • In the category DL Speed Tele2 is ahead competition in 14 of 16 cities, while KCell and Beeline are ahead in 1 city each.

  • KCell ranks second overall with 737 of 1000 points, but is leading in Petropavl and Turkistan.

  • In Latency KCell has the highest Score in 9 of 16 cities, while Tele2 is ahead in 7 of 16 cities.

  • Beeline achieves the highest umlaut Score in Taddykorgan.

  • In the voice category Tele2 is ahead competition in 11 of 16 cities, while Beeline is ahead in 6 of 16 cities. In Oskemen Tele2 and Beeline are on par in Voice.

  • In Broadband Coverage Tele2 is leading in 15 of 16 cities, in Turkistan KCell achieves the highest Score in Coverage.