2022/04 Audit Report - OpenRAN Network Rakuten Mobile Japan

Open RAN (Radio Access Network) is one of the hottest topics and technology trends in the telecommunications industry. In April 2020, Rakuten Mobile launched full-scale commercial service on the world's first OpenRAN network. In our analysis we compared the OpenRAN network of the 10-million-inhabitant metropolis of Tokyo with the network performance of other cosmopolitan cities allover the world. We used our proven methodology to calculate the umlaut score for the networks in Atlanta, Berlin, Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Riyadh, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Sydney and Zurich. This audit report provides a compelling and detailed look into Rakuten’s Open RAN network, and how its performance compares to networks across the globe.

Key Takeaways

  • The first OpenRAN mobile network of Rakuten Mobile in Japan achieves an umlaut Score of 945 dots out of 1000, which is "very good".

  • In the speed category and in coverage Rakuten Mobile is competitive with the leading operators in all tested cities.

  • In Tokyo, Rakuten Mobile shows competitive performance with the leading operators in all tested cities.

  • In latency, the Rakuten Mobile network shows room for improvements compared to leading operators in all tested cities.