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The great 2020 mobile network test

For the 26th time this year the big connect network test takes place. In a proven partnership, connect and umlaut have put the mobile networks through their paces. The joint methodology, based on drive and walk tests as well as crowd-based quality measurements, has been further developed to set the bar at the highest level of technical feasibility.


Total Score Austria

Winner 2020: Magenta

  • Best in test

  • Best in voice

  • Best in data

Single Review

As in the previous year, Magentra (formely T-Mobile Austria) takes the overall win in Austria. The winner owes its narrow lead of four points ahead of its pursuer A1 to obtaining the best results both in the voice and in the data category of our comparison. With distinct improvements over the previous year, Magenta receives the overall grade “outstanding“.

A1 Telekom also performs “outstanding“ and follows in a neck-and-neck race for the overall win at a distance of only four points behind Magenta. In order to reach this level, this operator clearly managed to improve over its performance from the previous year too. Among the convincing results is also the excellent reliability which we could identify in the six-month corwdsouring obervation period.

In the overall assesment, the smallest contender in Austria achieved the most distinct improvement over last year‘s results. Its performance in the voice and data categories range slightly above the level shown in the previous year – in spite of tighter criteria. In the crowdsourcing assessment, Three shows a clear advance. The operator also deserves recognition for the best Youtube performance in smaller towns.

Testing area

Testing area Austria

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