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We have analyzed the mobile networks of Italy with regards to mobile network performance. We measured smartphone voice and data performance based on extensive drivetests – from major metropolitan areas to smaller cities and connection roads.

We have tested and measured the performance of its voice and data services on smartphones in comparison to other LTE/UMTS/GSM mobile radio networks in metropolitan and rural areas of Italy. The audit was done as a performance benchmark performed between 28.10.2019 and 12.12.2019 in cities and towns as well as on connection roads.

Key takeaways

  • Comparing with results from previous benchmarks in the last two years, Wind Tre showing major voice and data services clearly improved

  • The nationwide measurements in Q4 2019 show Wind Tre on competitive level overall and co-leading in relevant KPIs*

  • A closer look in major cities shows Wind Tre providing optimal data performance in tested services in the cities of Roma, Milano, Napoli, Bologna and Bari

* Voice calls and Web browsing reliability above 99% in urban areas. YouTube success ratios above 97% in urban areas. Data rates in download of 79 Mbps in average and 10% higher than 168 Mbps in cities. Data rates in upload of 31 Mbps in average and 10% higher than 56 Mbps in cities.

Testing area

Drive route Q4 2019

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