2023/07 5G Network Performance US - Audit Report

We have analysed mobile networks in the US in terms of 5G mobile network performance. umlaut tested and measured the performance of its voice and data services on smartphones compared to other 5G mobile networks in urban and rural areas in the USA. The audit was conducted as a performance comparison of umlaut between 16/01/2023 and 02/07/2023 in cities, towns and connecting roads.

Key takeaways

  • T-Mobile achieves the highest 5G umlaut Score nationwide.

  • Verizon achives highest 5G Latency Score.

  • T-Mobile achieves highest 5G Coverage Score and 5G Stability followed by AT&T.

  • T-Mobile achieves the highest 5G Reliability Score.

  • T-Mobile leads in the download and upload speed category. Verizon is second, followed by AT&T.