wire harnesses

Wire Harnesses

umlaut uses your requirements and specifications to create custom wiring harnesses for your needs. Our short timelines and small batch capabilities provide flexibility and minimal interruptions to your existing and application schedules. Established internal processes make it easy to follow customer and industry standards. When coupled with our test tools and services we can become the end-to-end component on your roadmap. We can take as little or as much of the processes as needed, from full sourcing of all materials and building to simply reworking some of your wire harnesses.

We specialize in

  • Developing or utilizing existing schematics to design customized harnesses
  • Integration of custom features (breakout boards, switches etc.)
  • Wide scope of wiring types and harness sizes (TXL, SGX, COAX (FAKRA connectors), Ethernet etc.)
  • MIL spec connections
  • Machine crimping of wire terminations
  • J-STD-001GS Soldering Certified
  • Wire harness validation system

We offer wiring harnesses for a variety of applications

  • CAN bus connectivity
  • Test tool/in-vehicle applications
  • Sub-Harnesses and full assemblies
  • Prototype vehicle harnesses
  • Creation of harness test fixture

Our experts around the world are ready to support you.