umlaut mini test bench

Test Benches & Equipment

umlaut test solutions meet the demands of test engineers and developers from small test benches to full Hardware in the Loop (HiL) environments. Designed with the technology and client specific test objectives in mind, including logging equipment and CAN simulation if required.

Test benches

Our completely customizable and modular test benches are available for bench top use, integration into shipping cases, or in-rack configurations. The test bench also features a globally configurable integrated power supply, as well as custom tools like the umlaut CANtool V3 and custom designed wiring harnesses.

  • Unique face plates and side gussets
  • Accessible design
  • Integrated power supply (110v/220v)
  • Custom PCB with CAN breakouts
  • Custom wire harnesses
  • Reconfigurable and recyclable
  • Multi variants supported in one design
  • Flexible size options


The umlaut CANtool allows engineers and test personnel to simulate CAN messages from other modules during the development process. During module integration, it can be used to verify CAN messages between modules. Designed from the ground up, it was created based on actual field trials and use by our engineers on client projects. The latest version has been updated with improved configuration support, future expansion capability, and user experience improvements.

umlaut CANtool

Unlike other products, the umlaut CANtool is designed to function without additional PC support or additional software licenses. All you need to do is connect power and the umlaut CANtool is ready to go! The umlaut CANtool is available as a standalone product or an add-on option to umlaut test benches. We have designed the umlaut CANtool to support two expansion cards. Depending on your specific needs, the umlaut CANtool can be expanded to support a wide range of additional protocols and technologies.

Feature overview

  • CAN message simulation
  • USB based software and configuration updates
  • Ability to hold multiple message configurations
  • Web-based configuration editor
  • Automation support via USB
  • Expansion slots (Automotive Ethernet, CAN FD, LIN, Digitial I/O, CAN etc.)
  • Easy to use with custom touch interface

Technical specification

  • CAN channels: 4 @ up to 1 mb/sec
  • Flexible power options: dual inputs at 7-28 vdc
  • Touch screen: 7 in. capacitive (800 x 480 px)
  • Power consumption: as low as 1.8 watts
  • Expansion slots: 2 slots
  • Software: field update enabled
  • Configuration: field configurable

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