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Agility as a framework for thinking and acting

Many companies try to be agile, but only a few are really successful. Just as many companies advise their customers on the topic of agility. So do we – but what do we do differently?

We do not define agility as a solution from the outset - we look at the actual problem and see whether agility can be a solution and, if so, how we proceed individually. For us, agility is not a niche topic of software development, but we think agility and its potential across industry boundaries. From the production of complex machines, the development of HR products, aircraft construction to the financial industry – we look at the entirety of all processes of an organization and work with it to find the most effective way of agile transformation. Agility is therefore not an end in itself and can be a solution to react flexibly to customer requirements of any kind.

Our experts always have an eye on current challenges and can empower organizations to deal with them. In our experience, the difficulty of implementing agile work in everyday life is usually made up of four points:

  1. End-2-end is not established
  2. Silos dominate the companies
  3. Lack of a suitable vision
  4. Lack of focus on the necessary solution

Since umlaut is active in various industries and projects and our consultants range from software engineers to psychologists, we can provide the latest technical and methodical solutions, market knowledge as well as benchmarking and UX design. Our answer to the four mentioned challenges is the following:

  1. Real end-2-end
  2. Cross-functional teams and coaches
  3. Visionary masterminds (entrepreneurs within the company)
  4. Hands-on coaching

This is exactly where our view of organizations as a whole and agility as a framework for thinking and acting comes into play. In consulting projects, umlaut attaches great importance to the mindset of the organization and its employees being authentically agile in order to create sustainable improvement. Our experts help with these changes by providing individual coaching and practical training.

Of course, an ability in the area of agility also includes a certain set of methods, which we adapt individually to the maturity level of the respective organization. We are happy to let our customers "just do it" in trainings - because trying out is a cornerstone of agile work. Some of our trainings also offer the possibility to get certified as Scrum Master or similar. You can find our training offers further down on this page.

And what else makes us different? We do not only advise; we also get actively involved ourselves! Our agile method kit naturally includes all necessary methods, such as design thinking, design sprints, product sharpening, prototyping, UX workshops and many more - real hands-on-mentality.


Listen to our podcast on Spotify or Apple podcast where our community of experts discusses agile topics. And there's also something to watch - namely in our videocasts on YouTube.

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