5G Security Training

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With the completion of 3GPP Release 16, 5G is considered to be mature enough for widespread implementation. Now is the right time to learn all about its security enhancements and 5G associated threats to ensure a secure transition.
As your company is mapping out its path towards 5G, security should be among the key design considerations early on. Integrating security at this stage is an important prerequisite for comprehensive protection and results in an increased cost efficiency in the long run.

5G networks will be the basis for more critical applications, such as mission critical communication and industrial IoT, while at the same time being exposed to a greater number of mobile endpoints and partners than any previous generation. The mobile network threat landscape is changing, and it is important to understand the implications and prepare your security strategy. Making the right decision requires a firm understanding of the 5G security architecture and features, which is this training will provide you with.

The training will be jointly delivered by umlaut and wenovator.

The wenovator team shaped the 5G specifications as chairperson and contributors in the 3GPP SA3 (Security) Working Group and has helped network operators around the world to improve their holistic security posture. With more than a decade of experience in telecommunication security assessments for operators all around the globe, umlaut adds value on töp.

Where & When?

Location: Online event, EU time

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Language: English

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Price: Single price per trainee: 1750 €, Maximum of 25 trainees per session. VAT is excluded.

Registration: Please use the registration form below. Contact for bundle pricing.


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