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Up to now, the conversion of our traditional energy system has mainly focused on the generation of renewable electricity. Despite good progress, electricity only accounts for around ten percent of the total energy requirements of many countries. The question is how the classic fossil fuels can be replaced in the not yet electrified sectors like heavy industry, transport or heat.

Hydrogen is an elementary component to answer this question. Hydrogen can be applied in all sectors, but especially in the areas of energy storage, mobility & transport, heat and industry. For most countries in the world, a significant proportion of the total energy requirement must continue to be purchased on the international market, as it cannot be generated inside the countries due to a lack of resources or space.

Hydrogen will become the central energy source for the global exchange of sustainable energy and thus replace fossil fuels in the long term. Classic energy export countries must adapt their business model, while countries with great potential for renewable energies have the chance to enter the global energy trade.

umlaut supports major industries like automotive & mobility, aerospace, energy, machinery and transport with end to end capabilities around this relevant topic.

Strategic advisory or system studies for energy utilities, automotive manufacturers or public institutions give overview and offer insights. Technology consulting regarding manufacturing and costs shows our deep understanding of relevant components within the hydrogen value chain like fuel cells and electrolysers. Testing and engineering capabilities from single components (like fuel cells and raw materials), their production processes to entire electrolysis plants complete our real end to end capabilities.

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Patrick Wienert

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