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Cyber Security

Over the years industries became more connected and are now facing ever-growing cyber security challenges. Driven by individual motivations, attacks are targeting mainly sensitive data and critical services, which not only lead to a financial and reputation loss, but also result in disasters due to unavailability of critical infrastructures. The sheer variety of attacks needs to be detected and mitigated effectively.

As umlaut we are eager to consult our customers to achieve best possible security posture by implementing tailored measures and execute thorough security testing to prepare against such cyber-attacks. Our cross industry and public sector experience is the foundation for our best practice knowledge that we can leverage from to consult and prepare our customers effectively and in an efficient way.

umlaut follows and shapes security standards like:

  • 3GPP / ETSI for ICT- Enabled systems, applications and services
  • GSMA - Standard for cellular networks
  • IEC 62443 for industrial control systems
  • IEC 21434 for automotive
  • BSI/NIST standards for public entities
  • BDEW Whitepaper & “BNetzA IT-Sicherheitskatalog for critical infrastructures”
  • ISO 27000 series for information security in general
  • UNECE WP.29 R.155 and R.156 for automotive

Additionally, we have created a cyber security lifecycle, which incorporates all the layers necessary to ensure a secure development, implementation and operation of products as well as services. We make sure that you face cyber security challenges in the best way possible.

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