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Cost Engineering

OEM’s around the world currently face a two-pronged challenge: sustaining traditional businesses while also investing in new technologies and technology-based business models, services and products.

Achieving and maintaining a balanced financial and investment strategy that ensures success in each of these efforts is equally challenging.

Cost engineering focuses on achieving the perfect balance between expenses, quality and time requirements in overall project cost management. That’s why this discipline is so relevant to OEM’s. It helps overcome financial bottlenecks with substantial, sustainable cost savings.

umlaut takes cost engineering to the next level. Our bottom-up, cross-industry expertise allows us to conduct deep analyses of products on the individual component level, while also assessing the respective manufacturing processes. This enables us to identify an array of cost-cutting potentials and to offer our customers adaptable, sustainable solutions to fit their unique cost-reduction needs. We even include digital code into the analysis.

But most importantly, we are the global trailblazers in digitalizing the cost engineering discipline and lifting a traditionally labour-intensive, paper-based service into the digital age, enabling greater cost transparency and control.

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