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About us

We are now part of Accenture.

Who is umlaut?

What’s in a name? We used to be part of P3, then we were umlaut, now we are Accenture, but always we keep our values and mission true to ourselves.

On a more than two-decade-long journey we grew from a handful of people into our thousands, spanned our wings from Germany across all territories and industries and enjoyed great success and growth together.

But to realise our full potential, we needed a change. We wanted to be a company of more - more value for our clients, more togetherness, more collaboration, more inventiveness, more entrepreneurialism, more freedom, more shared ownership and more success.

And since October 2021, we have been part of Accenture.

Who is Accenture?

We put 360˚ value at the heart of our business. We drive change globally, across 49 countries in more than 200 cities. We accelerate reinvention and help our clients embrace change by delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

umlaut is now part of Accenture’s Industry X practice, and our engineers deliver on that promise every day.

Industry X

Industry X combines Accenture’s powerful digital capabilities with deep engineering, manufacturing, and capital projects expertise.

Working across multiple industries, we offer the broadest suite of services for digitizing your R&D, engineering, construction, factory floors, and plant operations; speeding up the transformation of hardware into software-enabled products; reinventing capital project processes and resulting infrastructure; driving operational safety, sustainability and productivity at scale.

umlaut engineering expertise and services, combined with Accenture’s digital and consulting capabilities and scale, mean we deliver 360˚ value to our clients like never before. Industry knowledge, deep insights, big ideas mean we help clients understand what they need to build the future. can deliver:

  • bottom-up, completion-oriented thinking coming from the result which enables
  • advice that is doable as a starting point for real-end-to-end value delivery,
  • solutions that are customised, rather than standardised,
  • brave, creative solutions when playing by the book won’t produce the desired success.
  • And the ability to scale quickly for true 360 value

Read more about Accenture Industry X and and how we embed engineering services to develop products of the future.

Board of directors

Marc Peter Althoff (Chief Technology & Security Officer)
Dr. Aimo Bülte (Lead Industry X ASGR)
Dr. Samit Ghosh (Chief Executive Officer Americas)
Dr. Lars Karsten (Chief Communication & People's Officer)
Sebastian Keller (Chief Operating Officer)
Dr. Tim Moog (Chief Financial & Restructuring Officer)

Supervisory board

Christina Raab (Chairwoman of the supervisory board)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Prefi (Dept. Chairman of the supervisory board)
Götz Erhardt

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Lars Karsten

Chief Communication & People's Officer